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Let's exchange ideas to find solutions through therapeutic accompaniment.


It is accepted that the treatment of chronic diseases must include a transfer of specific knowledge from the carers to the cared-for (as from a teacher to a pupil). This is called "therapeutic education", a term which unfortunately implies a certain condescension on the part of the one who knows (the carer) towards the one who does not (the patient). The latter is therefore "subjected" to the advice of his therapist.

Therapeutic support is an exchange of knowledge/experience between people with the same background, the same type of problem or the same objectives, as a patient and his doctor may have. The aim of these exchanges is to find solutions to better manage both the daily and the medium term.

Any chronic problem can be improved by therapeutic support. For example

  • the practice of sport in an asthmatic,

  • the management of nocturnal hypoglycaemia in a diabetic,

  • refusal to accept an illness,

  • control of food intake with the aim of losing weight, etc.

Therapeutic support can be provided in pairs (patient - therapist) or through group discussions. It should be noted that therapeutic support has nothing in common with a psychotherapeutic approach.


At the CMCN, you will find a personalised approach in line with your individual problem.

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